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- I am a low volume companion who has other personal commitments therefore please be kind to give me some advance notice if it is possible.


- Please be so generous to fill out my secure booking and screening form to make the whole process easier and faster for both of us.


- When making first contact please avoid sharing any lewd wishes or desires. Please keep the conversation in regards to arranging our time together and we will see what happens naturally when we meet.


- Requests for additional pictures or pictures showing my face will be declined. This is non negotiable and my privacy is just as important as yours.


- Personal hygiene is very important and I expect you to be as immaculately groomed as I will be for you.


- When you first meet with me please leave my consideration in open sight and in an unsealed envelope.


- I will happily oblige in providing a reference for you.


Thank you for reading! Now we are both on the same page our time together should be even more enjoyable.

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